The Most Essential Travel Clothes For Women

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Many people dream all year long of going on vacation during summer time. It’s the time of the year when they can forget about everything and just do what they like to do. A couple of weeks wher they don’t have to bother with household chores, annoying bosses self imposed limitations like dieting, going to the gym, preparing healthy food and so on.

You don’t have to think about all those things when on vacation. When you’re hungry you go to a restaurant, when you want to sport you go to the pool, when you want to relax you go to the sauna, etc. But before you can do this you have to pack your stuff, and that’s especially important for women. So here follows a list with the most important travel clothes for women:

If you are travelling to a sunny or tropical location some kind of headwear is indispensable. It protects you from to sun and avoids getting a sunstroke. The ideal headwear for women is an elegant hat.

This mainly depends on the kind of activities you are planning to do. Do you want to go to the beach? Do you want to do some mountain trekking? Do you want to go eat in classy restaurants? So depending on the activities you want to take high heels, flip-flops and/or quality walking shoes.

Travel pants:
It’s always good to bring a normal jeans. But don’t forget it’s quite heavy, so you want to take some other kind of pants with you. Cotton pant are really good for all kind of activities especially convertible pants.

Shirts and dress:
T-shirts are a no-brainer. It’s suited for all kind of things. But don’t forget dresses. It’s the ideal piece of clothing for a women on holiday. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to wear, it’s light and it’s wrinkle free. Nothing beats a dress when it comes to convenience.

A bikini or bathing suit is something you always have to take with you on vacation. I think almost everyone goes swimming when on vacation.

You might need a pullover for those cold evenings and you want to make a late night walk through the neighborhood.

Most women want to look good, whether they or on vacation or they are at home. So don’t forget to bring some make-up and jewelry.
This is the list with the most essential things to pack. Of course you will have to mix and match a bit, but this is the basic travel outfit for women.

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